deterioration (vegansscareme) wrote in norfolksucks,

dude like have you ever seen that old lady that wears the blue dress and brown coat every day of her life, even if it's like the summer time and 100 degrees and shit?

no, but seriously. i realize norfolk does has it's large quantity of suckiness. but really, i mean..when you think about it real hard..isn't norfolk a LOT..A LOT like every other suburban town in America? I mean, i can name a few in this area that are worse than us, like Sherborn for example. Every suburban town is filled with people that drive SUV's and minivans, and to a lesser extent the good ol' volvo wagon.

Norfolk does suck. Just sayin', is all.

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Did you know that old lady is mentally insane and lives with her sister on a farm and they have to be watched by the neighbors to make sure they don't commit suicide

Deleted comment

Ok, so obviously alzeimers is worse than being mentally insane. I mean, someone with insanity would have to go through realitively little. How are you sure *your* source is accurate?
I sort of stumbled on this community, but anyway, her name is Barbara.