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I am quite enraged....

In one word,FUCK! School is starting soon..just shoot me why don't you?!? Bastards, making us take mid terms and finals and all that shit. I hate Norfolk and school. :::wings droop:::...::walks away into the darkness::
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I am sorry that you feel that way. but I alwasy think about it as seeing friends that I normally dont see and rembering the summer. New ppl, new friends, new experences. I mean I havent seen my roommate in like ever so thats awsome. So what if hes a dirty hippy I like him just the same. :) hehehe but the up and comming school year is an oppertunity to express yourself and lean. Weather it is with friends or with loved ones or with teachers, you will be learning. You have lots more to loook forward to as well. You have three new and exciting plays to try out for. Christmas is right around the corner. I mean it is so wonderious and great I dont understand how you can say something like that. Just you wait it will go by so quickly (granted at times it will be sow) you will wonder what happend as you are accepting your deploma in a few years. :) smile and look upon each day as a gift. dont just put aside the gift but open it and embrace it with every moment.


September 29 2001, 22:49:02 UTC 16 years ago

your right norfolk does suck