Flying Away (yazoo34) wrote in norfolksucks,
Flying Away

oh I got a good one for ya. I was working in Norfolk on Friday and I got stopped by some guy and he was wondering what we were doing and he ended up talking to us for like 15 min. well that's not the story... it turns out he makes golfing greens in ppl's yards. its rather amusing. yeah he spent like 6000 on a lawn mower. how yuppie is that? if I had that much money I sure the hell wouldn't buy that. its like ok can you give me some of it??? yeah and after he said something like oh ok I will have to spread the gossip around the neighborhood. I was like ok are you are the gossip queen of the neighborhood, and do you have regular meetings? hehehe but I cant be all mean. he was a cool guy all in all.
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